Kevin Hart Marries Eniko Parrish

As Kevin Hart has told us before: I’m gonna lock the chocolate up and put it in the freezer …he’s married!

A source confirms to that the 37-year-old actor and his wife, Eniko Parrish , tied the knot Saturday evening during a beautiful ceremony near Santa Barbara, Calif.

The actor—who got down on one knee back in August of 2014—has talked to us quite a bit about the wedding, admitting his only job leading up to the big day was cutting the check.


“I don’t like to talk about it ’cause I don’t know details,” he told E! News in an interview last month. “What I do say is, ‘Honey, you have an amount. Don’t go above the amount. Come to me when it’s time to sign the check. It’s your day to be happy.'”

However, he did help pick out the guest list, which he admits isn’t always easy. His advice? “You make sure that you invite the people that can’t come up to you later and go, ‘Hey man why didn’t you invite me?'”

“It’s not a day about who was there,” he continued. “It’s a day for us.”



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