J.Cole Takes a Public Bus In Queens

J. Cole is known by his many fans as a humble guy who, despite success, remains incredibly down-to-earth. The rapper is so down-to-earth, in fact, that he was recently seen riding a New York City bus.

Cole, who was in New York for a surprise performance at the Highline Ballroom for Bas’s Too High To Riot tour, was spotted by a fan on a bus in Queens over the weekend. The rapper, who attended St. John’s University, was probably just visiting old friends and a familiar place, enjoying all the city has to offer. Still, it’s really cool to see a celebrity be so normal.


J Cole was seen riding the public bus in Queens. This man is as humble and down to earth as they come. He sold over 1 million records and has well over a million dollars in his bank. But he understands our struggle from which he came. The game hasn’t changed him. There’s a lot of people who aren’t rich and wouldn’t ride public transportation. J Cole is a one of a kind artist. We may never see an artist for the people like this again. 🙏🏾💯 *Check out the rest of my page, you’ll enjoy what you see*.

J. Cole, Grammy-nominated and platinum album artist, is just your average everyday dude. He rides the bus just like the rest of us.


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