14 Female Celebs You Didn ’t Know Came Out Of Beauty Pageants (Miss Malaika, Miss Ghana)

I have always wondered the importance of beauty pageants as it seems after the show, most of the participants disappear into oblivion.

It’s either they get back to their normal lives or become famous for a hot minute and that is just about it.

Currently, there are a million and one beauty pageants in Ghana but the ones that bubble to the top are Miss Ghana and Miss Malaika since they’ve produced the most stars and made the most impact.

Let’s see some famous Ghanaian celebs you see on your screens or hear on radio that came out of beauty pageants.

1. Yvonne Nelson – Miss Ghana
The A-List actress in Ghana participated in Miss Ghana 2005.


2. Kafui Danku – Miss Ghana
The CEO of ABC Pictures, Kafui Danku sprung from Miss Ghana in 2004.


3. Inna Miriam Patty – Miss Ghana
Not a regular face but after participating in the 2004 Miss Ghana, Inna Patty is the current organizer and in charge of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant. She is the CEO of exclusive events, organizers of the pageant.


4. Caroline Sampson – Miss Malaika
The ace radio and TV presenter, Caroline Sampson took part in the 2005 edition of the Miss Malaika beauty pageant.


5. Roselyn Ashkar – Miss Malaika
Roselyn may not be an everyday face but Roselyn has got quite a CV for herself. The South African-based model after participating in Miss Malaika 2010, went on to participate in Africa’s Next Top Model. She has modeled for big brands like Levis, Mr. Price, Mr. & Mrs. Jewelery, YDE Campaign etc.. Quite impressive aye?


6.Ahuof3 Patri – Miss Malaika
YouTube sensation and aspiring filmmaker, Ahuof3 Patri, aka Priscilla Agyemang has been disturbing the airwaves with her video skits popularly called Boys Kasa and Airtel Commercials. She participated in Miss Malaika 2011.


7. Deborah Vanessa – Miss Malaika
The jade of all trades has been seen on TV and almost everywhere, including hosting events etc.. You can say she is multi-talented. She participated in the 2005 Miss Malaika beauty pageant and came out as the 1st Runner-up.


8. Hamamat Montia – Miss Malaika
The model is currently into lot of things. She’s an entrepreneur who has her hands in businesses like Aqua Safari, liquid soap business etc.. She has also been involved in a couple of charities like AfricaEatsNow and AweNetwork. She has also been credited with modeling for Babyphat.


9. Christable Ekeh – Miss Malaika
She’s an actress and graduated from the 2008 Miss Malaika beauty pageant as the 1st Runner Up.


10. Berla Mundi – Miss Malaika
Berla Addardey is her real name. The actress, TV presenter and event host is making moves in the entertainment industry right now. Guess what, she was the 2nd Runner Up at the 2010 Miss Malaika Beauty Pageant.


11. Karen Kane – Miss Malaika
If you are into fashion, then Karen Kane won’t be a new name to you. She’s a stylist and fashion boutique owner. She has been credited with styling celebrities like Joselyn Dumas, Jackie Appiah, Beccca among others. She took part in the 2005 Miss Malaika pageant.


12. Ama Ampofo – Miss Malaika
Known for her commercials for Fidelity Bank, she is currently an actress who has starred in movies like “Devil In The Detail” by Sparrow Productions. Ama Ampofo graduated from the 2012 batch of the Miss Malaika beauty pageant.


13. Gwen Gyimah – Miss Malaika
After taking part in the 2003 Miss Malaika pageant, Miss Gwen got herself some degrees, worked at Standard Chartered Bank for a while and is now the CEO of her own company, HairSenta, an artificial hair company for women.


14. Regina Crave – Miss Malaika
Regina Van Helvert was the 1st Runner-up at the 2012 Miss Malaika pageant. She’s currently a TV and event host at GhOne TV.
Did we miss anyone? If so please write it in the comment box below and we will add it to our next post.


Did we miss anyone? If so please write it in the comment box below and we will add it to our next post.


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