Extract from the novel “Sentimental” Coming Soon

All along there were eyes staring at him from an angle. Eyes that couldn’t be overlooked. As small and dark as they were, they could draw heavy attention. Clinton couldn’t tell if it was love calling on him again or it was just one of those short lived moments. He never wanted to play that game of tearing a heart apart and setting it ablaze. He was stupidly in love with Prisca. Giving in to such temptations would be homicidal. How could he actually? This girl happened to be a very close friend and that made it quite difficult for him to avoid her. “Tina what are you up to?” He usually questioned. She would only stare at him seductively and grin. Gradually, he was getting consumed by her acts. There were many instances they would pair off from the group only to talk about themselves. Clinton was that gentleman who respected a lady as his mother had thought her male children. He didn’t hesitate to walk Tina and his other friends to the street after their visit though, the Andrews were known to always be in doors. Tina managed to steal a glance at him before he waved them goodbye.
As she laid on her bed, at home, all she could was to imagine a scene with Clinton. As thoughts filled her mind, her gaze had met his- for just an instant. She’d felt the impact like a swift, hard punch in the gut. Then her mind had emptied and all she’d been aware of was his eyes. She’d read the same startled response in them that she was feeling- a reckless, nearly overpowering desire. Then the black had darkened to the colour of the star in the middle of their country’s flag, completely alluring. What colour would those eyes turn when a lady made love to him? When he was inside a lady? Before she could get handle of her thoughts, an image had flashed into her mind- she and Clinton standing against a wall. Except for a few wispy clothes she was naked, her bare legs wrapped around him. And he was thrusting into her, pulling out and thrusting in again. Recalling it now, her whole body hardened. Her blood was heated. Clinton ruthlessly reined in her thoughts. But she had less luck controlling her body’s reaction to the image fading from her mind. When it was time for supper, she was found helplessly sleeping like a month old baby.

Credit – Henry Dongotey


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