Queen Esther School – “OLD FIREWOODS WANT TO BURN”

When a man and a woman agree to get married, they go through a lot of processes- first meeting, dating, courting, and engagement, to save you the hassle. News spread, ears hear, mouths speak and minds reason but at the end, they seek for the blessings of their parents who might be rocking shoulders with the rocks of ages.
“Lai momo” as the Ga would put it means old firewood. We are made to believe that it burns the most. That is quite figurative as we know. Old friends are the best, old memories would unrest and aged lovers are on quest. Queen Esther School. When they were there, when we were there, we made memories. Memories that can never be erased. Memories only death can spar.


Each day passing by, every night lurking by, we still relive the moments. Some of us fell in love, some of us learnt to love, some of us learnt to hate, some of us learnt to smile. Memories hardly forgotten. However, some of us couldn’t wait a second to leave.
Queen Esther is a part of us. It lives in our blood. When Mr. Bonzi, Mr. Adu, Ms Keyna Mr. Agbemordzi, Mr. Nartey, Mr. Bernard Soglovi, Grandma Victoria, Monsieur Tonto, Mr. Francis Kwaku Acquah Jnr., Mr. Aggrey and not to forget our one and only Mr. Christian Emmanuel Adatsi who  saw us walk through the shadows of death and nurtured us live the moments, we have to live the moments again.
We are getting it all freshened up and heated as we get ready to sit, stand relax and talk and gossip about how we suffered from the rocky hands of M. Tonto or the enjoyments Auntie Beekai brought to us when she sat in our busses to excursions.


Oh yes!!! We are getting it locked down at the Mankoadze Beach Resort. 23rd JULY,2016 We call it one of our own. You remember the after party? Well, this time it’s going to be bhoom! I the batches from 2006 down to 2016. Oh my God!!! This is going to be massive. Hey, if you coming with your she, haha its seventy cedis wham. Single? Awww that’s too bad. Shall take only forty cedis from you. Beach soccer, cards, draft, boat cruise, photo shoot session and did I just say lap dance? Of course, lap dance. Mama Mia!! Hold on! This time no Castro things.


Oh come on I haven’t forgotten who to call for more info: 0272856895 or 0273444451. Meet me at the school premises 8:00 am sharp as Mr. Akanto will say. If you don’t go to heaven, don’t blame OB Maame ooo. Amalia is watching. I know.


Credit – Henry Lawerh Dongotey. 


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