Beyonce & Jay Z – highest paid couple

It’s that time of year again when we find out just how much money our favorite celebrities have made in the past year. Tracked from June 2015 through June 2016, Forbes has unveiled the earnings of plenty celebrities via their “Celebrity 100” list. With millions upon millions of dollars between all of the entries, coming together as the powerhouse they are, Beyonce and Jay Z top the list for the highest paid couple of 2016. Between the two, Mrs. Carter pulled in $54 million while Jay Z wasn’t too far behind as he banked $53.5 million.

Funny enough, both artists received a boost from Beyonce’s universally acclaimed LEMONADE album plus more:

Both got a boost from Beyoncé’s sixth No. 1 album, Lemonade, which debuted exclusively on Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service (his wife and several other Celebrity 100 members are co-owners). But Beyoncé edged her husband in annual earnings by playing 19 shows during our June-to-June scoring period, easily topping Jay Z’s grand total of two.

An amazing moment all in itself, with Beyonce dominating the touring scene at the moment, along with LEMONADEstill pulling in numbers, there’s no doubt that the singer just may top the list next year. With Jay Z making his presence known again in Hip Hop, who knows just what’s in store for the Hip-Hop legend and the tricks/ventures he has lined up. You can check out more in regards to the couple and other celebrity earnings over at Forbes, here


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