Renowned Ghanaian music producer and the director of Hiplife at MUSIGA; Edward Nana Poku Osei, popularly known as Da’ Hammer, has shared his views on the ongoing lyrical beef in the music scene.

In a Facebook post few hours ago,
Da’ Hammer wrote about the Hiphop beef and throwing more light on the positive impacts it may bring into the Ghanaian HipHop realm. He was impressed about how Ghanaians are paying attention to lyrics and digging in to find out what a verse talks about. He said this will change the Ghanaian approach to music which has been listening to only the hooks and choruses of songs.
He wrote on his Facebook wall and I quote…. “ This beef may have just answered our prayers… Its finally cast a keen interest by the masses on lyrics and content in songs whom prior to this only focused on choruses and hooks. Rappers, this is ur time… Pls drop that knowledge. I just heard a non rap lover ask me “hammer did u hear Gemini Orleans’ lyrics?” Very interesting.. Especially when Gemini has always been seen as a Gh mainstream impossible becos eye open no dey Gh. The time is now guys!! ”
I totally agree with this and believe this will be an eye opener to people who claim they love hiphop but does not appreciate lyrics. What is Hiphop without lyrics? Hiphop is poetry and the contents must be cracked opened and digested fully. The only way you can enjoy a good Hiphop music is relating to the lyrics and connecting it to its main “sockets”… That is the beauty of Hiphop!
I think our Hiphop soldiers should continue feeding us with more of what they have been storing all these years; and to make Ghanaians fall in love with Hiphop like never before. We need this to make the culture stand on its feet again. See what he posted here



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