D Black Reacts to Sarkodie and M.anifest’s #GameOfFlows

“Look look look !!!!! @SARKODIE #Kanta
FAN: You wish you spat those lines right??? Say the truth
D BLACK: Walaaahi lol
FAN: Release your own boss
D Black: Never lol
FAN: De Black we dey chock your own!!
D Black: Why by force ?
FAN: D BLACK, you for release Gospel track for @manifestive and @sarkodie make them unite . JESUS is coming . #BAM UNITY GOSPEL CHOIR
D Black: Please leave me out of this. Please!
FAN: Yo king ebe like you for be the refree oooo @DBLACKGH #SarkVManifest
D Black: So far 1-1 draw ? Or?
FAN: @DBLACKGH got to do something bout this bruv else these niggers literally gon bury each-other, worse one ove’m is gon fadeout real quick
D Black: Me? Eii? Why. I’m only here to have a good time and enjoy life with my nighaz. Enele Kotomoshi lol
D Black is gearing up to release his
Lightwork album on July 19.

Source – yfmghana


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