7 Artiste That Sound The Same On Every Song.

King Ayisoba
Ayisoba’s style and presentation though unique, sounds the same on all his songs. This may be due to the fact that the only instrument he uses is the “Goje”, a three stringed guitar attached to a calabash. He’s forced to keep playing the same rhythm, which in a way also controls his style of singing and music arrangement.

2. Joey B
Joey B is a good artist and has his own unique style but then the style seems to be monotonous in most of his son



3. Pappy Kojo
Pappy has some good songs, but listen to his rhythm, arrangement and tempo he rhymes on, you will realize most of his songs sound the same. Take a good listen to “Wave” and then “Realer No”, not much difference. He also seems to repeat some of his rap lines in other songs.


4. Kwaw Kese
Kwaw Kese seems to love very strong kicks in his instrumentals and it seems to shape his rap style, not a bad idea though but it also makes him sound same on most of his songs.


5. Tee Phlow
The Fanti rap seems to be the “it thing” these days but coupled with Hammer beats makes Tee Phlow sounds almost the same in almost every song.


6. Bisa K Dei
The only song that sounds a bit different from all of Bisa KDei’s songs is “Mansa”. Now follow through most of his songs, from “Metanfo” to “Odo Carpenter” all sounds same based on rhythm, tempo and style and at one point he was even beginning to sound monotonous.


7. Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale may be one of the country’s favourite musicians but that doesn’t stop the fact that, he sounds the same on most of his songs. The tempo and rhythm to most of his songs sound similar if you take a critical listen them


Source – omgvoice


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