Manifest replys Sarkodie

After listening to this song, your perception about Sarkodie‘s “Bossy” might change… Most people thought “Bossy” was directed to EL and Flowking Stone; but looks like more jabs were thrown at Manifest. Some of the lines at the beginning of his verses still confuses me. He said “Don’t Turn Me To Stone boy… I’m a Ruler“… I don’t really know how to connect this to anything… I will need the Rap “Scientists” to help me with that.
But a bit further, one line popped up which I can confidently say was thrown at Sarkodie. He said “And you wanna be King, get Yo ass in line. These No Be bars; just passing time“… Even someone who is not a Hiphop lover could easily understand this. I don’t want to say that “Agama” line was about Sarkodie but we all know he does that a lot in his videos; especially the hit single “Take It Back“…
Manifest said a lot of things that are directly connected to Sarkodie’s lyrics in “Bossy”… At the end of that song, Sarkodie used Mafinest’s slogan “Dor Dor Dor Ti Dor” to end his verse. In ‘god MC‘, Manifest said “Go to the Market, Buy yourself some Manners… Don’t use my name in vain; thats just for the starters“… At the end of it all, he said he wants to return Sarkodie a favour— And use “You Know What Time It Is… Later is Greater” to end it all. A lot was said in there challe! Listen to the full song below… “I DON TINK FAR”!!!!


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