Could it be that Sarkodie is throwing shuts at El on “Bossy”?

El lines…king Without A Crown
Sark…..Im A King But Don’t Feel Like
I Got To Wear A Wearing Crown
El…I am the representation of hiphop
Hip hop from Africa
I am
The B.A.R
Sark…Is About The Emotions Bro
Fuck The BARS
I mean if we were talking real rap any day I will murder you
They talking about rappers and
am left out…how?
Sesia ghana who is the fucking best now?
ofcos is me…got dem it.
Fuck a Nigga who don’t put me on top of the list Nigga suck on a dick
Any Nigga who compare a rapper to E.L can joke in the park and then piss i said it
All alo dis tortorfifi rappers can’t
touch me…
Wudi cadillac compare wu Corolla…
Wusi wa passe…which class and which course.
Who can be sicker than this? Nigga this is as sick as it gets
Nigga I’m sicker than this nowadays everybody is a critique in this
I no bore
U do more more shows let ur returns
be known
u diss me but u can’t defend your own
Wushia cooo but u pretend in phone…
And there noor jayso tone his voice like El…
Was like y33!



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